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Welcome to ACE Institute of Dentistry

Dentistry is growing leaps & bounds. We as Dentists have to keep ourselves upbreast with the latest. In the next 10 years, according to DCI Website, 2,50,000 Dentists will graduate. Imagine the competition & supposed saturation.. Are we ready to take on the challenge? Or is it the other way round?

As we know, the only solution to this problem is to be the best in the area of our operation and increase the Dental awareness in the masses. Can every BDS do Implants, Veneers, Lasers, Single sitting Root Canals, Flaps, Impactions, etc..?

As a Dental Academy/ Institute, our humble effort is to bridge this knowledge gap by providing the best dental course in India by conducting advanced CDE & short-term Dental Courses in Rotary Endodontics, Implantology, Orthodontics, Lasers, Aesthetic Dentistry & Periodontics. We provide a platform for knowledge sharing through interactive and participatory methodologies which include live demonstrations on patients and Hands-on. Our faculties have mentored more than 1000 Dental Surgeons so far.

Let us make Dentistry a more rewarding and fulfilling Profession.




new 1 day courses at ACE starting Jan 28th  (Laser), 29th (Pedo), 30th (Perio), 31st (Exodontia & Emergency management).

Externship/ Residency Dental Course in CLINICAL DENTISTRY, BATCH NO 28 & 29 starts from January 28th and February 25th respectively. (SHORT TERM DENTAL COURSE)

Externship/ Residency Dental Course in ROTARY ENDODONTICS & FIXED PROSTHODONTICS , BATCH 49 & 50, STARTS ON  February 4th & March 5th respectively. (SHORT TERM DENTAL COURSE)




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It was wonderful to practice Rotary with ACE team,especially with Dr.Amit Gilani and Dr.Srujana. Both are equally talented and helpful.Throughout my 6 weeks I learned how to diagnose patients,how to treat patients and also post treatment care too.Initially I used to hesitate doing rcts,especially rotary,but now I am much more confident than before and can handle any endodontic care with ease.Thank you Dr.Amit and Srujana and special thanks to Dr.Majid and Dr.Shabaz for their support.


Ph:+91 8099974947

Dr.Abdul Baqy

Dental Surgeon, Works at Medwin and Mahaveer hospital

I Attented the Laser Course at ACE Institute of Dentistry. The Faculty, Dr Kiran Sir, was very Experienced.. The Course was Conducted in a v. interactive way, wherein we discovered that Lasers is not a Rocket Science. we saw live Demo on Patients: De pigmentation, Frenotomy & Laser Pocket Curettage.. The part i loved most was Hands on Offcourse!

Now, Iam v. Confident to use Lasers and Offer to my Patients as well.

Dr.Minhaj, BDS

Musheerabad, Hyderabad.Ph:9849246878

The RCT course at ACE is good.My daughter learned RCT with much ease. I wish ACE great success in their future endaevour.

-Syed Mohiuddin

It was really a nice experience,learning RCT in a very simplified way.Dr. Amit taught us not only rotary endodontics but also fundas which helps us in our clinical practices as well.The environment at ACE institute was also pretty nice.Thanks for giving such a great platform for upcoming dentists.

Dr. Amit Singh Choudhary,BDS

I had taken Rotary Endodontics Course here and had a great experience.Now I am more confident in doing root canal treatment.Thank you very much to all ACE institute staff.

Dr. Hajira Nayeem


I m thankful to Dr. Amit for making me gain confidence in doing rotary Endo…felt very comfortable to learn under your guidance with friendly environment at ACE…now m confident enough to do even  sitting rcts..thanks to ACE.

Dr.Thapaswini Reddy,



Thank you dr amit for making us learn rotary endodontics in a  very easy way..I am very much satisfied with the course…

Dr.Reema Chawla


I was at Ace for the past couple of months. Attended Rotary Endodontics, Fixed prosthodontics and Exodontia course. It was really a great experience. Dr Amit really goes out of his way to support, direct and advice his students. I have learned RCTs and Crown Cutting and now I am confident enough to do it alone.
My tutor Dr Ashwin was entirely encouraging and motivating. He was there to help me when I needed it and to guide me when I went wrong. This was an amazing course. I found it very helpful in developing my skills and would highly recommend it.
Also, best place to study Implantology, Exodontia,Clinical Dentistry..
Looking forward to attend my next course at Ace !

Dr.Nayana Nazeer


Attended rotary endodontics course at ACE institute ,firstly i thank all the staff Dr.Amit ,Dr Ashwin ,Dr.srujana,Dr.shruthi .
Had a very great experience learnt soo many things under ur guidance
Now im confident in performing rcts not only rcts but also many important things like proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
This is a best place for beginners,very informative..
Thanks to all the staff of ACE.

Dr. Shruti Raj


Had taken rotary endodontic course here..And had very Gud experience with all the staff ,they have lot of patience to teach each and every thing and guiding us in a proper way in every case.. At the end of the day vl b so confident to do Wat ever the category v learned there.. Thank you ACE


Dr.Swapna sademella


The surgery course was really excellent and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

First of all I thank DR.AMITH sir 😊😊
I attended General dentistry course in Ace institute
Now i have confidence in doing root canal treatment and
sir u made rcts simple and easy☺☺
anyone with nill knowledge can also do perfect treatment after completion of the course
Dr. Shruthi

I attended the course. Its useful. All the basics and essentials are covered effectively. I wish ace institute a very good future.

Dr.Mohd Rasool

Before joining ACE Institute,I was not able to perform access openings as far as poterior teeth are concerned.But now after completion of course,I started single sitting RCTs leave aside access opening…Alhamdulillah


Mob:+91 9603346303

Dr.Shabaz Khan

Owner Dr.Shabaz Dental Clinic,Hyderabad

I’m grateful to Dr amit for activatingthe great amount of knowledge and I appreciate the hard work which you have done for us, I really want to mention that you had made me capable of doing everything in clinical work and the praises which i get here for my work ( to be mention where I’m working) is only because of you. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

Date : 16.03.2016

Dr Farha Hussain

Dental Surgeon

I left my practice 5 years back after marriage.But after joining ACE Institute,I am able to do seven single sitting RCTs and able to handle all other general cases.Thanks to ACE Institute.


Ph:+91 9849017271

Dr.Kusuma Varma

Dental Surgeon

I have done the Implant Course under the guidance of Dr. Amit. Actually it was very helpful. The Courses are very specific & Clinically Oriented. Dr Amit is very friendly in clarifying doubts. very satisfied with it.. I’ve done around 20 implants myself in my clinic after the course in 6 Months.

Dr Gopal Reddy


Hyderabad. Ph: 9908320960

I had a break of almost 5 years after marriage and kids.I am very thankful and greatful to Dr. Amit,Dr.Ashwin and Dr. Srujana for reviving my career and giving me confidence to do handle most cases.From havinfg zero courage courage to do treatments to being able to do RCT’S and simple Impactions.I will highly recommend ACE INSTITUTE for anyone wanting to learn a new skill,improve an exsisting skill,or for someone like me who wants to get back to dentistry.

DR.UJJWALA CODADU,                 Dental Surgeon,Hyd

I joined ACE for Rotary endodontics and clinical dentistry courses.The course is highly informative and as well as practical.Some people are meant to teach and Dr Amit is one of those .His ability to convey useful information is excellent and makes the concepts easier to grasp.This course has given me enough training and confidence to do Root canal treatments and crown cuttings.I would definitely recommend this course to all dentists who plan to learn rotary endodontics.I want to thank all the staffs in Ace for sharing your knowledge. Thank you all.


Dr.Reeba varghees



Thanks to Dr.Amit,Dr.Srujana,Dr.Ashwin,Dr.Shruthi for helping me become confident enough in my clinical skills. Ace is the best place for beginners to follow the trends in dentistry.

Dr. Suman Ayesha


I am a practicing dentist in Australia. I wanted to learn endodontics and came across this course. I have done a lot of course on endodontics and I can say without hesitation that this is by far the best course. Dr .Amit has excellent knowledge and practical in his outlook. His effort in making sure the students learn RCT the right way is impeccable.I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to learn Endodontics


Dr.Vinita Goyal



I am Dr Anupama Pambal currently Practicing in Australia.I thank Dr Amit for explaining and brushing through endodontics.Dr Amit is very thorough and knowledgeable and explains each and everything clearly. I am thankful for his time and patience.I would recommend ACE as a very good Institute for learning as they take care and make sure that you learn everything perfectly.



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


I am Dr Sarah khan..I was away from my practice for almost 2 years,as a professional sitting back and hearing cases from my friends I thought my practice has ended before its start..scarcity of cases during college and since I wasnt able to do internship I was a total nil ..through fb I came to know about tis institute ..alhamdulillah after getting enrolled the very first day I was sure of the rightness of my decision to join ACE..during my course in the clinics and Dr amit’s interestingly classes helped me to upgrade my clinical skills as well as the basic knowledge..and I am thankful to the ace team for guiding me all through..

Dr.Sarah Khan


I have attended their Endodontics program. Dedicated staff and diverse patient pool too. Great place to learn Root canal treatment.
 Dr.Hema Kortgere

I had a very good experience..the course which I learned is rotary endodontics and this course is very useful to me i got confidence..i thanks alot to amit gilani who helped me alot in understanding this course😊😊
Dr.Faimeena Farheen

I have taken Rotary Endodontics Course here and had a great experience.Now I am more confident in doing root canal treatment.Thank you very much to All the ACE institute staff.

Dr.Hajira Nayeem

Dentist ,UAE