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Intracanal Medicaments in Endodontics

Intracanal Medicaments in Endodontics

Intracanal Medicaments Intracanal medicaments have been used to disinfect root canals between appointments and reduce interappointment pain. The disinfectants can be divided into phenolic compounds such as camphorated monochlorophenol, cresatin, aldehydes such as...

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Implant training

Most current practicing dentists — specialist and generalist — did not learn about implant surgery in their training or residency. It is important for anyone learning about implant surgery to have a supervised training program during their learning curve. This is...

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Bleaching with Mclnnes solution

1 part of anesthetic ether (0.2%):Removes surface debries 5 parts of hydrochloric acid (36%):Etches the enamel 5 parts of hydrogen peroxide (30%):Bleaches the enamel MODIFIED MCLNNES SOLUTION compries 20% sodium hydroxide instead of 36% hydrochloric acid . Since...

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Prevention of ledge formation

1) A Preoperative radiograph is taken to assess and anticipate unusual root canal curvature. 2) Patency of the canal should be maintained throughout the cleaning and shaping procedure 3)Recapitulation with smaller instruments in between each change of instrument is...

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Forces in orthodontics(MBT technique)

MBT technique requires the use of light continuous forces.This is the most effective way to move teeth,being comfortable for the patient and minimizing threat to anchorage.Light forces are especially important at the start of treatment,when the bracket tip puts demand...

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Bracket selection and bracket positioning

At heart of the technique is high quality,versatile bracket system.A range of standard,mid sized and clear brackets are available.The exact bracket specifications are important,and an attempt to use "something similar"can adversely affect the balance of the treatment...

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