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Externship / Residency courses in Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics

These UNIQUE Externships/Residencies will change your Endo life!

These Endodontic Courses are customised to suit your individual needs: Teachings will cover Basic to Advanced, from Access to glide path, Hand instruments to Advanced Rotary techniques. Hands on sessions on extracted teeth will be followed by opportunity to treat the patients Endodontically under Mentorship.This course enables you to apply new knowledge and procedures immediately in your own clinical practice.

Based upon Individual Learning needs and duration, we have designed these Courses in following 4 patterns:

Basic Endodontics: In this course Participants will perform 10 RCT’s under Mentorship

Duration: 4 Weeks. Fee: INR 37000


Basic Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics: In this course Participants will perform 10 RCT’s and upto 10 Crown cuttings under Mentorship.

Duration: 6-8 Weeks. Fee: INR 46000

newAdvanced Rotary Endodontics: Following increasing demand, we have introduced this course for the first time in Hyderabad!! participants will perform 25 RCT’s, by 4 different Rotary systems. Post and Core techniques are taught in detail with handson oppportunity. Crown Lengthening Procedures like Gingivectomies are also expected to be performed. This Course will give an excellent exposure to private Practice making you Practice Ready immediately upon completion.

Duration: 10 Weeks. Fee: INR 74000

newAdvanced Rotary Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics: In addition to above course, this gives you a chance to hone your prosthodontic skills as well by performing upto 25 Crown Cuttings ( different crown types) on  patients you treated Endodontically

Duration: 10 Weeks. Fee: INR 94000


-Introduction and scope of endodontics

-Diagnosis and treatment planning .

-Local anaesthesia , medication and radiology in endodontics

-Pulp diseases and different types of  endodontic   infections.


-Understanding  2%,4%,6% in ROTARY files

-Concepts in access opening and BMP

-Working length—techniques and importance

-Use of apex locator

-Instrument  breakage-causes,prevention and management

-Irrigation protocols and intracanal medicaments

-Internal bleaching

-Post endodontic restoration

-Endodontic flare ups

-Management of traumatised tooth

-Post and core

-Endodontic failure and retreatment

-RCT in pedo patients (pulpectomy)

-Understanding endo perio relationship

-Prosthodontic consideration for RC- treated tooth

-Crown preparation for Metal,PFM,Zirconia crowns

 -Gingival Retraction Cord

 -Rubber Base Impressions

 -Immediate Temporization



Course Duration: 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 10 weeks

Every participant will be expected to treat 10-25 patients.

Root canals of individual teeth will be counted rather than head count.

Participants have to complete the patient from diagnosis to RC sealing.

Every participant has to get his/her own Airotor, Extracted Teeth ,a set of only 10 no. K-files and a set of rotary files.

Institute will provide rest of the Instruments and Materials.

After successful completion of patients there will be Assessment exam wherein Faculties will access the different cases done by the participant and may ask to do a procedure on patient.

If the candidate fails to satisfy the faculty then candidate may have to go for an extension of one more week to earn the Certificate.

The Course Duration is Subject to slight variation depending upon Participant’s learning capabilities and Patient flow

Faculty’s decision will be final.

Participants are also expected to present seminars.

Participants are also required to volunteer few hours every week doing Community Dental Camps, also earning a certificate for it

Fees Once paid, is not refundable

Course once selected ,cannot be changed

The Fees has to be paid in 2 Instalments: Half at Date of Joining and the rest half in the form of  post dated cheque payable after 2 weeks


Upcoming Courses

Externship/ Residency Course in CLINICAL DENTISTRY starts from April 3rd & May 1st.

Externship/ Residency Course in ROTARY ENDODONTICS & FIXED PROSTHODONTICS starts from April 3rd & May 1st. (SHORT TERM & LONG TERM)

BASIC & ADVANCED IMPLANTOLOGY (Module-1) starts from March 10th.



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