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Externship/Residency Course in Clinical Dentistry


This Course at Ace Institute of Dentistry is a unique course specially designed for fresh graduates in dentistry, for those who left their clinical practice long back and want to restart their practice and for those who are in clinical practice and want to improve their clinical skills and confidence.
This has been observed unfortunately that many dental students after completion of 5 years long degree course in dentistry are unable to do extremely important procedures which are bread and butter of dentistry


           CONTENTS :

Clinical oriented theory and Extensive hands on:

1.Access opening on Extracted teeth.

2.BMP with 2% hand files and 4 and 6 % Hand Hero Shapers & Rotary files.

3.Obturation with 2, 4 & 6 % GP points.

4.Crown preparation for Metal,PFM,Zirconia & All Ceramic Crowns.

5.Rubber Base Impression Material.

6.Immediate Chairside Temporisation.

7.Suturing  techniques


Procedures to be performed by participants on Patients:

a) Root canal treatments: 6 Cases (min.4 being upper and lower molars).

b) Crown preparations: upto 5,

DMLS: 1 case

Zirconia: 1 Case

All Ceramic(e-max): 1 Case

c) Impressions with Rubber base Impression material (Polyvinyl Siloxane) & Retraction Cord.

d) Extractions: 5 (Including a case of Surgical Extraction).

e) Class I and Class II composite Restorations: 5 Cases.

f) Gingivectomy with Laser: 1 Case.

g) Bleaching with Mcinnes solution: 2 Cases.

h) SRP (Scaling and Root Planing): 2 Cases-1 with Perio Curettes and 1 with Laser.

i) Post and Core(Fibre): 1 Case.

Clinical oriented lectures on following topics:

*Cosmetic Dentistry: Composites, Laminates & Veneers, Smile Designing.


*Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR).

*Dental Radiology.

*Medicines in Dental practice.

*Local anaesthesia.

*Dental cements.

*Principles of Exodontia.

*Emergency Management in Dental office.

*Practice Management & Understanding the Business of Dentistry.

Participants will be using each of the following advanced materials once while treating patients:

*Immediate chair side provisionalisation material (cool temp).


*Resin sealer.

*Resin cement.

*Fibre Post.

*Bite Registration Material.

*Alu wax.


*Apexit plus.

*Gingival Retraction Cord.

*Apex Locator.

*Self Etch bonding agent and flowable composite.


*Light Cured Calcium Hydroxide Material.

*Pit & Fissure Sealant.

*Bulk Fill Composite.                  


9.30am-6pm   : Mon, Wed & Fri

9.30am-7.30pm: Tues & Thur 

You have to get:                                   

Extracted Teeth

Air rotor handpiece

10 no k file 1 set

1 set of Revo Rotary files

Addition Silicone Impression material


Dr Niharika: Prosthodontist

Dr Srujana: Endodontist

Dr Amit: Director

Dr Shabaz: Coordinator

Duration and Fees:

Fees: Residents INR 89000/- (50% and 50% Post dated cheque of 21days on joining)

Fees: Non Residents: US $ 1950.

Duration: Depending on Patient Flow:

          8 weeks (min)

          10 weeks (max)


Small batch size: 6

Focus on High Quality

Thorough theory

Comprehensive Hands-on

Our Objective: Ethics based Quality Education

We help to arrange Hostel accomodation n Food for outstation participants

Register for Attractive Early Bird ( 21 days before) and Group/ Multiple booking

U can register by paying an advance fees of 10k in the following account:

Ace institute of Dentistry,

Current Account No: 02721900006972. DCB Bank Limited, Abids branch, Hyd. IFS Code: DCBL0000027

1. You will develop confidence to practice independently & start your own clinic.
2. Get a better Pay at your Job


 Participants are eligible only after Completion of their Graduation.
 The Duration may vary depending on Patient availability and Participants Learning .

P.N: Courses once registered cannot be changed and the fees is non adjustable and non refundable



Upcoming Courses

Externship/ Residency Course in Clinical Dentistry starts from 18th Sept and 2nd Oct 2017

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18th Sept and 2nd Oct 2017


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Externship / Residency Courses in Clinical Dentistry