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Ortho Esthetics

(Smile Designing through Orthodontics)

ortho 1





Concept:  Anterior malocclusions like Spacing, Moderate Crowding, Proclinations, Rotations etc

Can be corrected in 6-8 months

Posterior teeth not treated, reducing treatment times

Especially useful for Aesthetic needs of Adults: 25+ years who cant wait 12-15 months

Non-invasive treatment option: has superiority over Veneers and all Ceramic Crowns


Fixed Orthodontics Course

MBT ( Straight wire Technique)

Duration: 4 Days

Bonding on Patient

Followup Modules: 1 Sunday every month for 6 Months ( Online Option)



Day 1

1. Introduction & scope of orthodontics
2. Malocclusion & classification of malocclusion
3. Understanding Class I, Class II, Class III malocclusion variations and their orthodontic considerations
4. Steps in starting a orthodontic case

Hands On- Extra oral & Intraoral Photography

  1. Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
    6. Importance of study models, Xrays, photographs
    7. When to do extractions in orthodontic cases
    8. Extraction Vs Nonextraction Philosophy
    9. Cephalometrics

Hands On
2. Model analysis




Day 2

  1. Bonding and banding in orthodontics
    2. Steps in bonding of orthodontic brackets
    3. Steps in band placements

Hands On– 1. Bonding on orthodontic models
2. Wire selection & placement

  1. Live patient work– Diagnosis & Case discussion
    Treatment Planning
    Armamentarium setup
    Considerations in Complete case setup

5.Live Demo of Bonding of orthodontic brackets
6. Instruction to patients following case setup
7. Tips for bonding on attrited teeth, deep bite cases, on metal crowns, on porcelain crowns
8. MBT brackets & treatment philosophy



1.Bonding on patients by participants

  1. Anchorage
    3. Crowding correction techniques
    4. Orthodontic Kit- What to buy- Instruments & Materials

Hands on– Construction of bite raising blocks



Day 4

2.Orthodontic wires & wire sequence for treating cases
3. Biomechanics
4. Patient follow up
5. Extraction space closure in orthodontics
6. Various Treatment mechanics in Class II div 1, div 2 & Class III cases
7. Mini implants in Orthodontics
8. Retention & types of retainers

  1. Trouble Shooting in Orthodontics

Hands on– Hawleys Retainer fabrication
Fixed retainer placement




33000/- ( One Patient)

38000/- ( Two Patients)



3 Patients will be Provided

Fees: Rs 51000.

Followup of 3 Patients till Completion of Cases. ( Rs 1000 per Followup Module per Patient of one Sunday)




  1. Each participant shall follow up their cases for 9 months under their mentor ( one day Module Fee: Rs 1000/ Per Patient Every Month)
    On each follow up visit, additional important orthodontic topics will be covered
    3. Participants cases will be discussed thoroughly and treatment plan will be provided
    4. Powerpoints, models, case photographs will be used during lectures for ease of understanding
    5. Study notes, patient education videos will be given to each participant.
    6. All types of material & instruments will be provided to the participants at each visit.






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