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The need for proficiency in basic Periodontal surgery is increasing in general practice as more practitioners are becoming efficient at periodontal examination and diagnostic techniques

Periodontal flap surgery combined with osseous recontouring is a predictable technique to treat patients those who need elongation of clinical crowns to enhance restorative dentistry in non-esthetic areas.

This Course at ACE Institute of dentistry will teach periodontal surgical skills to the general practicing dentist and is suitable for all dental professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge and  therapeutic methods. If your goal is to perform more of your own periodontal flap surgery, then this is a course that you won’t want to miss! There is no better way to enhance the care you can provide your patients on Monday morning than to experience this intensive weekend course.  Video clips and surgical case reports will enhance the learning experience for Periodontal surgical skills for the dentist.

This course will help you to determine when a patient should be referred to a Periodontist !!!



Welcome & Introduction

9.30-10 am:

Periodontal Diagnosis

10 to 11.30am

Lecture & Clinical Applications:

Scaling and Root planing

Indications and Contraindications for Periodontal Surgery

Curettage and Gingivectomy

11.45 to 1.15 pm

Surgical Protocol

How to perform incisions

Flap design, Principles and Surgical Techniques


Suturing Techniques

2.15- 4.15pm

Demo of Surgical Armamentarium

Live Demonstration of Flap Surgery

Case Discussion and Q & A

Postsurgical instructions


Hands on:Incision and flap reflection on animal jaws

Hands on:  Suturing on chicken legs


Periodontal Regeneration





(One Day: Lecture Class & Live Demostration): Rs 6,000


ADVANCED COURSE:(Inclusive of basic course fees)

1 Patient:     Rs 14000

2 Patients:    Rs 20000

4 Patients:    Rs 40000


NOTE: In Advanced Course, Participants would be performing one Flap Surgery ( One Quadrant) every Sunday under Direct  Supervision and Mentor-ship of Faculty.



  • Clinically Oriented Course
  • One Day Course without Disturbing your Busy Schedules
  • Informal & Anxiety Free Environment encouraging Questioning & Group Discussions
  • Encouraging Q & A in Language of your Comfort
  • Helping you: LEARN MORE TO EARN MORE 🙂

CUSTOMISED COURSES (Your City, @ Your Clinic)

These are On-Demand Courses!!
Customised to suit your unique needs
You always wanted to upgrade yourself but could not find time
Or Distance prevented you from learning. Well’ here is the Solution:
Now, The Faculties will come to you; at Time and Place of your Convenience!!
And without disturbing your Practice Schedule

PROVIDED: If You meet Following Conditions:
Minimum 4 Participants ( or Fees)
@ Your Place
Travel, Boarding and Lodging expenses of the Faculty to be taken care by the Participants


Upcoming Courses

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Rotary Endodontics & Fixed Prosthodontics batches Start from
4th Dec 2017 and 3th Jan 2018


Attractive Early Bird and group booking Concessions!!!!