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We all do Endo Routinely, But Do you wish to do Single sitting RC’s?, that your patients are very Comfortable, never break Instruments, that u become more efficient? then this is the Course for you


Introduction & Rationale of Endodontics

Diagnosis & treatment planning

Case selection

Concepts of Access preparation

Concepts in biomechanical preparation

Modified crown down technique

Constant taper Vs Protaper

Irrigation principles

Single sitting Vs multiple sitting RCT

Demonstration cum hands on session: Hands on

demo and training of access preparation on extracted teeth by Airotor

Working length determination

Use of Apex locator

Different Obturation techniques

Post endodontic restoration

Retreatment Protapers

Demonstration cum hands on session: Hands on

demo and training of Biomechanical preparation by hand & rotary files

MTA & Trouble shooting

Separation of instruments, causes of breakage & their prevention

Note: Participants will have to get their own Air rotor Handpiece and Extracted Molars
Burs, Files & Rotary Files and Endomotors will be Provided by the Institute.

CUSTOMISED COURSES (Your City, @ Your Clinic) :

These are On-Demand Courses!!
Customised to suit your unique needs
You always wanted to upgrade yourself but could not find time
Or Distance prevented you from learning. Well’ here is the Solution:
Now, The Faculties will come to you; at Time and Place of your Convenience!!
And without disturbing your Practice Schedule

PROVIDED: If You meet Following Conditions:
Minimum 4 Participants ( or Fees)
@ Your Place
Travel, Boarding and Lodging expenses of the Faculty to be taken care by the Participants


Upcoming Courses

Externship/ Residency Course in Clinical Dentistry starts from 4th Dec 2017 and 3th Jan 2018

Rotary Endodontics & Fixed Prosthodontics batches Start from
4th Dec 2017 and 3th Jan 2018


Attractive Early Bird and group booking Concessions!!!!