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Surgical Extraction and Emergency Management Course is offered by Ace Institute of Dentistry to train dentists to be competent in surgical management of uncomplicated impacted wisdom teeth under local anaesthesia. This course is designed mainly for general dental practitioners who are interested in wisdom tooth surgery.


The incidence of impacted wisdom teeth is high (Mostly Mesioangular ).The type of impaction may range from simple uncomplicated to severe and complex, the latter requiring advanced surgical skills. There are many reasons for extraction of wisdom teeth. With an ability to accurately diagnose the complexity of each case, and the indication for removal, a decision can then be made to proceed with the surgery or make an appropriate referral to a more experienced surgeon. The primary objective of the course is to train dentists to be competent in surgical management of uncomplicated impacted wisdom teeth under local anaesthesia. This course will increase your surgical skills, confidence, and bottom line.

WHAT IS  “uncomplicated” impacted wisdom teeth

  1. Patient should be medically fit
  2. Tooth must not be in contact with the inferior alveolar canal
  3. Tooth must not be completely within bone i.e. “tooth that is deeply impacted and with poor surgical accessibility”
  4. Tooth must not be associated with pathological lesion/s
  5. Complex root pattern

You will learn:

  • Case selection and when to refer
  • How to handle complications
  • Proper use of instruments
  • Pharmacology (use of antibiotics and analgesics)
  • How to use a surgical handpiece
  • Flap designs
  • Atraumatic extraction techniques
  • The elevator-only extraction technique
  • Emergency Management in dental clinic and much more

This course  is both  educational and charitable .It provides free dentistry for those in need while providing quality hands on oral surgery experience for dentists. The course is informal. Procedures are explained during surgery and participants are encouraged to freely interact with the instructor.


Aetiology, Incidence & Clinical presentation of Wisdom tooth Impaction
Indications & Contraindications
Surgical anatomy & diagnostic imaging
Anaesthesia and anxiety control
Types of Impaction
Flap Designs
Surgical techniques
Live Demonstration on Patient
Demonstration and Handson: Suturing Techniques by Participants
Post operative management
Closed Vs Open Extraction
Complications & their management
Emergency Management



BASIC COURSE: (One Day: Lecture Class & Live Demonstration): Rs 6,500/-

ADVANCED COURSE:(Inclusive of basic course fees)

4 Patients:     Rs 40,000

8 Patients:     Rs 80,000

NOTE: In Advanced Course, Participants would be performing one Disimpaction every Sunday under Direct Supervision and Mentorship of Faculty.

CUSTOMISED COURSES (Your City, @ Your Clinic)

These are On-Demand Courses!!
Customised to suit your unique needs
You always wanted to upgrade yourself but could not find time
Or Distance prevented you from learning. Well’ here is the Solution:
Now, The Faculties will come to you; at Time and Place of your Convenience!!
And without disturbing your Practice Schedule

PROVIDED: If You meet Following Conditions:
Minimum 4 Participants ( or Fees)
@ Your Place
Travel, Boarding and Lodging expenses of the Faculty to be taken care by the Participants.


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